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Tired of Nail fungus?

View More:’t it be nice this summer to have clean clear toenails?  I wrote a little about this subject a few years ago.  Check it out click here.  In the last few years a couple new products have been produced for topical nail fungus.  You may have heard of Jublia and Kerydin.  My cost for these medications are over $1000.00 each for less than a half ounce.  The price for gold today is ~ $600.00 for a half ounce.  It is truly amazing what is going on right now with the cost of medications.

We are seeing this with brand name medications and generic medications as well.  Prices are climbing and there does not seem to be a ceiling.  For an interesting read on this read this story “A $2,500 tube of cold-sore cream? Now that stings” from the LA times in March of 2015.  (Click here)

Here are some steps you can take to prevent toenail fungus.

  1. Don’t wear the same shoes every day.  Rotate your shoes.  Allow the sweat to dry.
  2. Apply foot powder to inside of shoe to dry shoes more efficiently.
  3. Keep nails trim and clean daily.
  4. If you like pedicures, ask what preventive measure are taken to prevent nail fungus.

If you are interested in getting rid of a nail fungus that you already have, click here.  I will contact your physician for you.

Lice prevention and treatment

Yep, it is that time of year.  The kids are back in school and they bring every “bug”  home with them.  One of the bugs they may bring home to share with the family is lice.  If your house is like mine this is moms worst nightmare.  What if you could prevent your child from getting lice?  lice

Prevention, it is what we do.

At Regel Pharmalab we are dedicated to finding ways to prevent illness.  So we always look at prevention before treatment.  One of the things we have seen help to prevent lice is a product we formulate called YAC lice repellent spray.  This spray is a combination of essential oils, Ylang-Ylang, Anise, and Coconut oil, that is mixed with ethyl alcohol.  This formulation is sprayed on the back of the neck/hair line area once a day every morning before school.

You can make your own

The formulation we use calls for:

Ylang-Ylang oil     1%
Anise oil                 1%
Coconut oil            1%
Mixed in Ethyl Alcohol 200 Proof

You can substitute the Ethyl alcohol with 190 proof.

But what if I already have it?

Treatment is difficult now that some of the lice are now resistant (will not be killed) to the over the counter lice treatment options.  There are prescription options that your physician can prescribe to get rid of lice.  Here are a few options that your physician can provide.

First your physician can prescribe one of the following:

Ulesfia (Benzyl Alcohol) Lotion – Price without insurance coverage ~ $380 up to $760 depending on how long the hair is.
Sklice (Ivermectin) Lotion – Price without insurance coverage ~ $315
Malathion Lotion – Price without insurance coverage ~ $280
Natroba (Spinosad) Lotion  –  Price without insurance coverage ~ $215 up to $275

If these treatments do not eradicate the lice then your physician can prescribe:

Lindane Shampoo – Price without insurance coverage ~ $120

It seem like prevention is a great option in the case of lice.  As you can see lice treatment can be very expensive and may take a couple weeks of being uncomfortable.

Now I want to hear from you.  How do you prevent or treat lice? (comment below)


Dogs with chronic ear infections

Did you know that many of our customers are not human?  We love our four legged patients!  We are excited for the opportunity to work on something for the four legged member of your family. Recently I visited with a veterinarian and he said that one of the top three reasons that you might bring your dog to see him is for an ear infection.  He said that many dogs have allergies that lead to chronic ear infections.


“Salem” – Winner of Cutest Dog Photo Contest! Submitted by Angela Russell


Since there are a lot of dogs with ear infections, we decided to work on improving the medications that are commonly used for this condition.

Dog Collage Page 2Dog Collage Page 3Dog Collage Page 1

We asked a few veterinarians about problems that are common with these medications and here is what they said:

Owners don’t use the ear drops as often as it is prescribed.  Many of the ear drops that are prescribed have to be administered 2 to 3 times a day.  

Dogs will sometimes shake their head so hard that the medicine slings out and make a mess or they will go home and want to rub their ears on the floor or furniture. Ear drops on the couch don’t work as well as in the dog’s ear.

So almost 2 years ago we attempted to solve these two problems.  And what we came up with has been impressive to say the least.

We were able to formulate a combination of medications for the treatment of common ear infections that is administered one time at the veterinarians office.  This formulation is a liquid when administered and within seconds goes down into the ear canal of the dog and forms a gel.  This gel stays in place for five days up to a week and then dissolves into the ear.

We now have 5 veterinarians that use this product on all of the ear infections that they see.  The response is overwhelmingly positive from the veterinarians and from the dog owners.  If you would like your veterinarian to try this formulation out for your dog, let me know and I will contact your veterinarian to discuss this option further.

The featured dog photo above is of “Salem” sent to us by Angela Russell, the winner of our Cutest Dog Photo Contest we had last week.  The other darlings are the ones that we couldn’t resist publicizing also because they were all so adorable.  It was very difficult for us to choose a winner.  Thanks to all who participated!

If you would like to know about other challenges we can help you with in treating your pet read more here:

What kinds of challenges have you faced with previous ear solutions you have tried in the past?  Comment below.


Results with Rx Skin Therapy

At Regel Pharmalab we enjoy helping with medical issues.  On occasion we hear of a product not meeting a patient’s expectations.  Since we consider ourselves experts in this area of medicine we are always encouraged to resolve the issue at hand because we know the reward, in the end, of the patient having a positive experience, is what matters most.  There is nothing we like to hear more than a success story.  We appreciate hearing feedback from patients when they have had successful results using our products.  So I decided to share with you some of the comments about our latest skin care line, Rx Skin Therapy.  To read more about the Rx Skin Therapy line click here

Our Skin Firming Serum is our #1 leading product in our skin care line.  The intended purpose for this product is to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate the skin, and reveal firmer, more vibrant looking skin.

Skin Firming Image

Comments we are hearing…

“The skin firming has definitely worked to minimize the fine lines and wrinkles around my mouth!  I love the feeling of the serum, and I literally feel my face tightening right after I apply it.”

“I have tried many products for my uneven skin tone.  After using the skin firming serum, I noticed real improvement- my skin is more even and it feels great.”

“I started using this product every morning and every night.  It feels great on my skin and is not sticky like other products I have tried.  I can apply make-up on top of my skin firming without a problem.  The lines around my eyes are already starting to go away.”


Second is our Retinol Complex.  This serum is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fade sun spots, even skin tone and reduce blemishes.




Regel customers like it…

“I started using this product to help fade my sun spots and dark spots on my face.  I use this product every night.  The spots have started to fade, and I am very happy with the results I have seen.”

“If someone needs a product for acne this is the product they need to try!  I had problems with acne and acne scars for years.  I don’t break out anymore and my scars are going away!”


If you would like to try out either of these products, let me know.  I also offer a consultation service to provide you with a customized regimen for acne, anti-aging (wrinkles), sun damage and more!  During your consultation, I will address you skin care needs and determine which products are best for you.  If you are interested in setting up a skin consultation, you can call or email me to set up your appointment.

During the month of June the Skin Firming Serum is the product of the month and you can receive 10% off.  If you are reading this after June and you mention this blog you can still receive the 10% off of the #1 selling Rx Skin Therapy product – Skin Firming Serum.      

Don’t forget Cool Ladies Club members receive 15% off.

Comment below on other challenges you believe we may be able to help you with.

Toe nails you can be proud of by summer time

Who doesn’t love the view at the beach?  If your view includes a few fungal nails to go along with the sand and waves, this post is for you.


A few years back a family member contacted me about a fungal toenail he had had for over 30 years.  He was so embarrassed by the look of his toes that he didn’t enjoy walking barefoot on the beach and found reasons to wear his shoes at the pool.  We had already seen a lot of success with our topical prescription medication for nail fungus, but I was anxious to see its results on a prolonged infection.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure how it would work because the nail was very thick (about 2.5 times thicker than his other nails). Also, this was not his first attempt to get rid of the fungus.  He had tried several topical medications in the past with no success and was not a candidate for the anti-fungal medications taken by mouth due to drug interactions with his cholesterol medicine.  I provided some information for his doctor, who encouraged him to give it a try and report back with his results.

For 6 months, he brushed the medication on the nail, like polish, twice a day.  Over time, clear nail began to grow at the base.  With each trim, more and more infected nail was removed, leaving clear, healthy nail behind.  The next summer, he was able to wear sandals and flip-flops for the first time in years.   Now he’s proud of his feet and looks forward to strolling in the sand each year at the beach.

We have shared his success with many patients and physicians and have helped many find a solution for their embarrassing toes and fingers since then.

Many patients seek out a topical medication because they are concerned about or unable to take prescription anti-fungal medications by mouth.  The problems with oral prescription anti-fungal medications are:

  1. Anti-fungal medications have a lot of side effects.  Most notable are problems with the liver, upset stomach, and headaches.
  2. Drug interactions between these anti-fungal medications and other common medications.
  3. Most patients are unwilling to take medication for the 16 weeks required to treat the nail fungus.  Studies indicate that only 55% of patients were cured of the nail fungus after 16 weeks (4 months) of treatment.


Once your nails are clear of fungus, I always recommend the following to prevent the fungus from coming back:

  1. Wear dry shoes.  Fungi live and flourish in moist environments.  If your feet sweat make sure your shoes dry out completely before wearing them again.  It’s a good idea to have a second pair of shoes that you can rotate. (Note:  We also have a formulation that can help keep your feet from sweating.  If this is a problem for you, let us know.)
  2. Apply foot powders/sprays to shoes and feet to help keep the feet dry.
  3. Before you get a manicure or pedicure, ask what procedures the salon takes to prevent nail fungus.


Now is the time to get started on those fungal nails, and you’ll have happy feet by summer!

Call me to discuss how you can have happy feet by summer time.  (901) 757-9434


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