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Options for feminine discomfort

What is vaginal discomfort?

Vaginal discomfort includes dryness, urinary incontinence as well as painful intercourse.  If you think you are the only one that is suffering from this condition, let me say that you are not alone.  Research shows that postmenopausal women and women that have had a hysterectomy are most likely to suffer from this condition.  Over the last 13 years vaginal dryness/discomfort is one of the top three symptoms that most of our female patients commonly complain about.

What causes vaginal discomfort?

Low estrogen levels in the vaginal tissue are the main reason why a patient would suffer from these symptoms.  For most patients, a low estrogen level begins around the age of 45.  If you have had a hysterectomy or if you have early onset menopause you can experience symptoms of low estrogen at an earlier age.

Did you know that many women who take birth control or have an Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) also suffer from vaginal dryness/discomfort?   It turns out that birth control lowers the amount of testosterone produced by the ovaries and increases a protein secreted by the liver known as sex-hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).  SHBG binds to testosterone and makes the molecule inactive. The higher the SHBG level, the lower the functional testosterone level.  Also, the synthetic progesterone component in some birth control pills actually turns off the testosterone receptor if given in high doses.  Since both estrogen and testosterone receptors in the vaginal tissue contribute to lubrication, it is no wonder that low testosterone not only makes this area drier, but also more painful.

Regel Silver Polished

How can we help?

Recently the medications that are prescribed to treat vaginal dryness/discomfort and urinary incontinence have had a price increase and are, for some individuals, no longer covered by insurance companies.   This increase in price has pushed some to ask for alternatives to these manufactured options.  Our pharmacists are capable of creating a formulation that can provide you the most relief without the high cost.  We are able to create the perfect balance that your body needs to relieve your symptoms of vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence and painful intercourse.

Let us help you overcome this by contacting Natalie Danielson, Pharm.D. or Anita Hester, RN at our pharmacy.   You can reach me by email at

Are you familiar with our Retinol Complex Serum?

How do I use Retinol Complex?

  • Apply 3-4 drops to clean, dry skin.

  • Gently massage into face and neck until absorbed.

  • Use at bedtime for best results.

  • Once your skin is conditioned to the Retinol Complex, you may move up to the Retinol Complex Double Strength.

Rx Skin Therapy Product of the Month - Sept, 2015

The Retinol Complex is our Rx Skin Therapy product of the month.  During the month of September, all sizes of our Retinol Complex will be available at a discounted price.  Here is some information on this product, but please feel free to call us at 901-757-9434, email me at or come in today with any questions!

Our Retinol Complex is beneficial for all skin types, including dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, blemish skin, patients with rosacea and patients who are looking for anti-aging skincare.

What does Retinol Complex do?

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Fades sun spots/dark spots

  • Improves skin texture

  • Helps even out skin tone

  • Calms inflammation

  • Helps prevent clogged pores

  • Reduces breakouts

  • Fades acne scarring

    Click here to see the details and to place an order.

Not familiar with our skin care line, Rx Skin Therapy?  Read more at

What skin issues are you experiencing?  Comment below.

A pharmacists perspective on skin care

“Do you have an anti-wrinkle cream?”, “Do you have a cream I can use for dry skin?”, “Can you make a cream that will help with my child’s acne?”… These are a few of the questions that our patients ask us every day.

Rx Skin Therapy Image (Personalized)

Our patients are looking for a skin care line that will take care of all of their skin care needs.  The skin care line needs to include anti-aging regimens, anti-wrinkle creams, topical acne medications, rosacea medications, dry skin recommendations etc..  Our patients are not the only ones who come to us for recommendations on their skin conditions.  We also receive requests from physicians to compound prescriptions for these skin conditions.  Since we are the experts in customizing medications, we decided it was the perfect opportunity for us to formulate products that could treat many skin conditions and that would be available to all of our patients.

After a lot of time and dedication spent on finding the best products for our patients, we are excited to introduce Rx Skin Therapy.  Rx Skin Therapy products are specially formulated by pharmacists and are made from pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  These products provide the most advanced treatments available without a prescription, and are formulated specifically for each skin type.  Rx Skin Therapy products include cleansers, moisturizers, masques, exfoliants and anti-aging serums.  I love finding products that are a perfect fit for each patient and would be delighted to tell you more about them next time you visit our pharmacy.

Rx Skin Therapy Image (Introduction)

Since many patients are interested in determining their skin type and what their skin care needs are, we are offering skin analysis consultations.  During our consultations, we use a skin analyzer to help evaluate your skin type, skin conditions, sun damage and more!  If you are interested in setting up a skin consultation, you can call or email me to set up your appointment.  During your consultation, I will address all of your skin care needs and determine which products are best for you.  I can also create customized prescription strength “cosmeceutical” creams made specifically for your needs, which can help your skin appear younger and healthier.  After all, finding the perfect skin care regimen for each individual is our ultimate goal!

To get started:

1.  Contact me ( (901-757-9434)
2.  Set up a consultation
3.  Apply the product
4.  See the results

If you have already tried some of our products, tell us how they work for you in the comments section below.

Does your wrinkle cream or moisturizer have Hyaluronic acid in it?

I was recently working on a project for one of our area dermatologists.  She asked me to formulate a moisturizer that contained hyaluronic acid.  After discussing this with her, I realized that not everyone knows about one of the body’s most abundant moisturizers and wrinkle reducing ingredients.

Hyaluronic Acid is an ingredient that is found in the synovial fluid (fluid between joints), the vitreous (fluid) of the eye and the space between skin cells as well as other parts of the body. Hyaluronic acid is able to bind up to 1000 times its weight in water.  Up to 50% of the hyaluronic acid in your body is found in your skin. Hyaluronic acid fills in the space in between the skin cells and holds moisture. skinWithout hyaluronic acid, the skin loses its elasticity (wrinkles) and the surface of the skin becomes dry.   Moisture is lost when hyaluronic acid concentrations decrease.  As we age, we lose the ability to produce hyaluronic acid, which helps keep the skin wrinkle free.

Interesting fact, did you know that several of the products being used as lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid?

Would you like to try some?  If so, ask for me (Natalie Danielson, Pharm.D.) next time you are at the pharmacy.



Are you ready to get rid of toe nail fungus?

Do you want to have toe nails that you are proud of for summertime?

pretty feet image

Well here at Regel PharmaLab, we have a few options for you!  I am going to let Regel Compounding Specialist and Pharm. D., Natalie Danielson, tell you about them and also about a patient who has an encouraging story to share.

When you have a nail fungus, you can experience yellowing of the nail, pain, changing in the shape of the nail, and thickening of the nail.  Your nail may become brittle and break.  Nail fungus is treatable, but it can take several weeks to months for the fungal nail to be replaced with a clear, healthy nail.  If you want to have pretty toe nails that you are proud of for summertime, it is best to start treatment as soon as possible.

There are both topical and oral prescription medications available to treat nail fungus.  Oral anti-fungal medications can cause side effects and drug interactions.  Side effects include liver damage, headaches and stomach issues.  Since you may take other medications, worrying about drug interactions is a major concern.  Topical medications eliminate those side effects and drug interactions.

The topical nail formulas that we compound are dispensed in bottles that look similar to nail polish bottles.  The medication is brushed on the nails, like a nail polish, twice daily.  It is very important to faithfully use this medication twice daily every day to get the best results.  As you continue using this medication, a clear, healthy nail will begin to grow at the base and you will trim the infected nail frequently.  Be sure to sanitize your nail tools so that you do not infect your healthy nails.

How about I let you hear from one of our patients?  Mr. K has been using one of our formulas for a few months.  His big toe nails were “crusty” and “yellow.”  After 1 and 1/2 months his toe nails started to peel when trimming his nails.  Now his nails are clear of the crusty yellow look and are growing back clear and healthy.  See another success story on the Regel toenail fungus formula:

Once you have gotten rid of the nail fungus, you will probably want to know how to prevent future nail infections.  Since fungi like to hang out in a warm, moist environment, it is best to keep your nails as cool and dry as possible.  Taking proper care of your nails can help prevent nail fungus from growing or returning.  Here are a few tips to help keep the nail fungus away:

  • Keep your feet clean and dry.  You can do this by making sure that you are wearing dry socks and shoes.

  • Use foot powders/sprays to help keep the feet as dry as possible.  (If you have a problem with your feet sweating, we have a compounded medication that can help this issue as well.)

  • Avoid sharing nail tools, such as nail clippers and scissors.  Before going to a nail salon, you may want to ask them how they clean their supplies to prevent nail fungus.

  • Wear flip-flops or other footwear in a gym shower or locker room.

If you are ready to get rid of your toe nail fungus and have pretty feet for the summer, we definitely have something that can help you!  To get a prescription, you can either give your doctor a call or give us a call and we can make a recommendation for you.  We would like to hear from you if you have a question on nail fungus or nail fungus formulas.  Comment below.

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