It is time to wage war on your hemorrhoids!

Hemorrhoids can be a thing of the past.  In a recent post I discussed was to care for hemorrhoids.  Click here to take you to the post.  Now it is time to got to war.  I am here to equip you for the battle.  One of my favorite products that I have seen over these last 20 or so years is the Rectal Rocket.   No, you don’t light this rocket and there is no explosion.  This rocket is inserted at bedtime and slowly melts.  While the rocket is melting the medications are released.  The medications reduce the size of the hemorrhoid and the pain.

Several clients have asked how we formulate the Regel Rectal Rocket so I decided to let you in on our “secret process”.  I hope you enjoy.

Now you know the secret formula.  We have had several comments on these over the years.  But most every patient that has used these has been successful at reducing the pain and size of the hemorrhoid.  One local OBGYN used these for her own hemorrhoid and now is symptom free.  Is it time for you to arm yourself with the Regel Rectal Rocket.

This is a prescription medication so we will need to contact your physician for authorization.  If you would like me to send your physician a recommendation for Regel Rectal Rockets give me a call (901) 757-9434 or e-mail