Topical Pain Gels Have Offered Relief To Even The Worst Cases Without Causing Any Side Effects

"The medication is working great.  I love it!  Not only do I love the product but I love Regel.  The follow-up calls make it evident that you all are not only concerned with the quality of the medication but that you truly care about your patients.  I like how you communicate with my doctor as well.  Everyone is always so nice and friendly and that means a lot."  This information came to us from an avid runner who uses one of our topical pain gel formulas on a regular basis. As you may know, runners put a great deal of stress on their joints and need something they can rely on that may be used without being ingested and passed through the organs.   

“I use the pain gel on my feet once a day for arthritis in my toes and neuropathy in my feet.  I can do normal activities now.  I used to only be able to go to work and come home.  I was in bed most of the time.  A lot of times my toes would feel like they were broke.  Now I can clean my house, go shopping, and pretty much anything I need to do.  When I don't use the gel I start feeling it in a few days and start feeling the pain again.  It makes the pain go away even better than the braces that my doctor prescribed.”  The patient was so pleased when she came in to pick up her prescription for her pain gel because she is able to do things she had not been able to do in years.  Pain medications can make a person feel tired and sleepy or as if their on another planet sometimes.  The topical pain gels offer relief without the negative side effects.

“My husband is using the pain gel.  He is a different man.  He is so happy!  I am so happy!  It is a miracle drug!  He had neck pain for almost two years and saw chiropractors and neurologists and was finally diagnosed with arthritis.  The pain gel really works well to take away that pain.”  Use of a topical cream can often mean the difference between treatment success or failure.

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Order Refills Online

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