Patients Have Experienced Life Changing Results With The Natural Solution To Hormone Replacement Therapy!

“The hormone creams are working just perfect!  No hot flashes & sleeping at night...It is the best thing that ever happened to me!"  A patient was commenting during a follow-up call, when a year ago she had questioned how long she would "have to be on this stuff!"  Said she is going to tell her doctor that "she needs to prescribe for all her patients and send them to Regel." 

"Due to progesterone use, I have a child.  Thank you Regel PharmaLab!" - After multiple miscarriages, our patient found hope in the progesterone suppositories we compounded for her to use while she was pregnant.  She was able to carry a healthy baby boy to full term!  She brought him into the pharmacy a few years later, just recently to pick up another prescription and commented that he would not exist if it weren't for Regel PharmaLab.  How awesome is that!?

"Now that I am feeling good, I didn't realize just how much of a slump I was in one year ago before I discovered Regel PharmaLab.  The partial hysterectomy that I had recently had put my hormones into a tail spin and my migraines had turned chronic.  I, first met Josh, owner and head pharmacist at Regel, who suggested high doses of Riboflavin and Magnesium.  Then Josh introduced me to Anita, the on staff Regel RN, who took a great interest in helping with my overall health and wellness.  I had shared with her, that since my hysterectomy I had never truly regained my energy level and that everything seemed to be different.  Anita suggested additional supplements based on my symptoms and told me that to get her most accurate recommendation on hormone replacement therapy that I needed to do a saliva test.  I immediately started on the supplements and was starting to notice that the more good things that I was putting into my body, the less otc medications I was having to take.  I was starting to like how I was feeling.  Yes!  I want to do the saliva test!  Six months later, I feel like a different person!  The first thing I noticed was my energy level increase.  Now, if I forget or run out of any of my supplements or hormones I panic!  It makes that much of a difference for me.  I went from it taking all I had just to function each day to, now, not having enough time in the day to doing everything I want to get accomplished, thanks to God, the compounding abilities, and talents at Regel PharmaLab!"

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Order Refills Online

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