Steps To Being Part of the Cool Ladies Club

Step 1:  Purchase Saliva Kit 


Step 2:  Perform Saliva Test and send to lab


Step 3:  Set up consultation time with Regel RN/Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Specialist, Anita Hester


Step 4:  Regel BHRT Specialist will submit a recommendation for any compounded hormones you are deficient in to your prescribing provider 


Step 5:  Regel will compound your custom hormones monthly once your provider has approved the recommendation.


Step 6:  You will take advantage of the discounts and benefits of being in the “Cool Ladies Club!” 

     Membership includes:

  • Discounted Saliva Test Kits
  • Follow-Up Consultations 
  • Quarterly Lunch & Learn Seminars
  • Monthly Wellness Conference Calls
  • 15% Discount on all Supplements and Over the Counter Products
  •                    Seminar and Conference Topics include:  "Hormones 101," "Hormones and Weight Management," "Osteoporosis-It's Not Just About Calcium," " Preparing for the New Year,"  "Why Saliva Testing?," " A Brief Overview of Hormones," " Symptom Relief and Staying Healthy," " What Does My Thyroid Have to Do With It?," " Cortisol and Adrenal Health," " Why Probiotics make a Difference," "ABC's of Vitamin D," " Calcium and Magnesium," "Hormones and Bone Health,"  "Now What Was I saying?-How to Protect Your Brain," " Facing the Holiday Stress,"  and "A Good Night's Rest"

Call for pricing and a free 15 minute consultation   -      10% Discount given to payments in full or Tri-annual payment arrangements may be made

  (901)  757-9434 or email


Order Refills Online

Order Refills Online

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