Vitiligo is a condition that presents as a depigmented area of skin.  This skin condition can occur at any stage in life.  There is a cause for this condition, but not much to treat it.  The cause is due to low levels of an enzyme called catalase, glutathione peroxidase and reductase in the skin cell.  These low levels in combination with high levels of hydrogen peroxide cause the white areas to form.  The hydrogen peroxide destructs the melanocytes (skin pigment cells) and there is no way to remove hydrogen peroxide.  There can also be a problem with adequate levels of Calcium in the skin cells.

Our specialists will work with you and your physician to create the best treatment option for you.  Here is one that we are currently working with other patients.

Derma-Shade - by prescription only

Derma-Shade is a topical cream used to help turn over the pigment forming melanocytes which is essential in the initiation of pigmentation. When used with UVA exposure, the topical cream can be effective. A recent study was done showing the effectiveness of compounded Derma-Shade gel, 50 or 100mg of oral Derma-Shade capsules and sun exposure. Overall, 90.9% of participants showed an overall improvement. Of the 90.9%, 68.5% achieved an improvement of 75% and higher. The improved results were slightly higher for those participants receiving a UVA lamp light. There were no side effects found in any of the participants making this particular treatment ideal for the face and for children.

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